Transport yourself back to World War II small-town America. You’re now in the swing-era world of Hubba Hubba the movie. Jane Talbot, Hollywood’s pin-up queen, takes a break from the silver screen to go on a bold-selling tour. Along the way, she’s reunited with her childhood sweetheart, Captain Steve Wright. Meanwhile, the teenagers from the local parochial school decide to put on a show to raise money to build a serviceman’s canteen and are excited to have such big star coming to visit. But¬†everyone needs to¬†watch out, because there’s a secret Nazi spy sneaking around town just looking to cause trouble.

With its swingin’ songs and throwbacks to the silver screen stars of the 1940s, you’ll love this patriotic film about uniting the homefront. And there’s no doubt to its authenticity: to write the script for the original stage production, the Casey Brothers consulted with personal friends Ann Miller, Esther Williams and Dorothy Lamour. Hubba, Hubba the musical was first produced by the City of Los Angeles and was hailed by critics and audiences alike.