The New 1943 musical

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  1. I was in the original production of HUBBA HUBBA (chorus, the show girl with the bananna on her head, and a few lines) and worked as Gene Casey’s production assistant. I even went to see the opening of HH in East Haddam, CT and the Lambs Club in NYC. I am very excited that you are producing a musical version and can’t wait to see it!

  2. Pat
    I LOVE the music and arrangments. Some I know from being in Theater Songs with
    Dick and Gene. The minute the songs started I smiled, and want to dance (or sing).
    I will email you my phone numbers and am thrilled . Beautiful website, tpp/

  3. Hi my name is Annie and my friend from school told me about this and told me to audition. It looks like a great musical and I tap dance. I have not been tap dancing for that long but I can catch on pretty well and fast. I would like to know more about who is making this musical and any more details that you have on auditions if there are any.

    Thank You for your time!

  4. Hello, I am a drama student and my teacher told me about this movie after she remembered that I knew how to swing dance. I thought this movie was an amazing concept and couldn’t help but be curious. Although, I just had a quick question: For the dancing, is it East Coast or West Coast Swing?

  5. Hello i read the plot and About the characters and really liked the person named Bink. I could see myself being that guy because i used to be a little Like it. It is a character i could be with the right ammount of fun, smartness and seriousness that the character seems to have.

  6. Gene and Jan Casey were my uncles. I’m very excited to see a movie version of this fun show is being produced. It’s amazing to me to think of the Casey Bros. growing up in Marshall, TX (The Birthplace of the Boogie Woogie) and the influence of their surroundings and the music of that era. Keep me posted!
    Claudia Lowery
    My mother was Barbara Casey (their sister).

  7. using grandchild e mail. pat so happy seeing info etc about u r adventure. proud to know you. grew up watching 3 sisters and mom dancing crazily to the jiggling cranking the gramaphone. thanks good friend.

  8. Hi! It’s me Dennis Pena I just wanted to let you know that I haven’t gotten the information that you said you were going to send me.

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